Conestoga Solar Makes This Process Straightforward

The FIT program provides a way for commercial businesses to contract for renewable energy generation, with standardized rules, contracts, and pricing that is designed to cover project costs and give a reasonable return on investment over the 20-year fixed-price contract term. Conestoga Solar is your complete concept-to-commissioning company that handles all the complicated contract requirements and processes on your behalf so that you can generate revenue from 53.9 to 80.2 cents per Kilowatt Hour

Conestoga Solar manages all the necessary steps and procedures that the FIT program demands. Conestoga Solar not only installs a world-class solar system, but it also specializes in working closely with you to ensure you meet the following Ontario Power Authority requirements. Read more about our full services for Solar PV Rooftop systems for Commercial rooftops.

Conestoga Solar provides all the necessary support and costs for the Feed-In-Tariff program, which includes the following:

  • Assistance with the FIT Contract Application with Ontario Power Authority (OPA)
  • Execution of FIT Contract with Completion and Performance Security
  • Connection application and Connection Impact Assessment (CIA) application with LDC
  • ESA Approval for Generator plan
  • Coordination of Connection and Cost Agreement (CCA) with LDC
  • Additional Completion and Security fees after receiving notice to proceed from OPA (NTP)
  • Adheres to all applicable laws, regulations, and codes
  • Successfully enters into a 20-year FIT contract with the OPA

Entering into a FIT contract with the Ontario Power Authority OPA is both simple and complex. Simple because all you need is the suitable roof to place the solar power system and complicated because the OPA has a very detailed and regulated process that can take up to a year to complete.

  • Roof assessment
  • Structural feasibility study
  • Solar design and engineering
  • Permitting, paperwork, process initiation, and completion
  • Procurement of materials
  • Construction
  • Project Management
  • Utility interconnection
  • Commissioning
  • System maintenance and operations

Turnkey Package Overview

  • Turnkey Solutions - Panel to Grid Connection

Pre-engineered PV Systems 10 kW to 500 kW Integrated Project Solutions including full system design, and Canadian Solar Solution Modules, Satcon Inverters, Step Up Auto Transformer, Roof Mounting Systems and (BOS) Balance of System

  • System Data Monitoring and Weather Station Solution (optional package)
  • Local service and support

Roof Suitability

Flat Roof Solutions for Commercial FIT projects Commercial and Industrial flat roofs require racking to position solar panels towards the sun. The major considerations are:

  • Structural load capacity
  • Height of the building and wind profile
  • Age of the roof (typically a suitable shelter will have at least 20 years left in its lifespan)
  • Rooftop obstructions (HVAC, vents, and communications towers) as shadows are a concern
  • Location to grid


Ballast systems - or self-ballast - do not require rooftop penetrations and are appropriate for flat roof commercial and industrial buildings. As long as the building can handle the extra weight, this eliminates the risk of water leakage. Large-scale rooftop FIT projects use self-ballast systems because of the low cost and ease of installation.

Preparing a rooftop of a commercial or industrial building to be solar PV system ready depends on the size of the roof system.  Conestoga Solar will assess the potential generation capacity of the available roof space and to discuss mounting options and other factors that could influence the design of the solar electric system. Designing for the most extensive network possible will allow the highest return on investment for your FIT contract.


At a minimum, roof areas should be free of shading throughout the year. Shading can be caused by stacks, communications equipment, parapets, power lines and neighboring buildings. Solar generation systems have likely service lives of 20 years to 50 years, so consider future construction activity and tree growth when planning your order.


  1. Roof Area Needs

A solar electric system will require an open roof area, with a south facing exposure. Currently, standard solar electrical modules measure about three feet by five feet and weigh approximately 20 kgs each.

  1. Structural Needs

Most commercial building roofs are designed to accept 6 lbs./sq. Ft. of live load, so extra roof support is usually not needed. Determining roof loading and strength requires consultation with a professional engineer; part of Conestoga Solar's services.  Array weight includes the modules, racks, additional roofing ballast and other system components, as well as wind and snow loading. The solar array’s roof loading varies by mounting strategy.

  1. Roof Replacement

Because solar displays must be removed during roof replacements, the mounting procedure for the solar system should anticipate future roof replacement and repair. It is recommended that solar modules be installed on roofs that are relatively new, with at least 20 years of remaining life. If you need roof repairs or replacement, Conestoga Solar's associated company, Conestoga Roofing, is available.

Conestoga Solar owns (and helped construct) Ontario's first 250 kW Rooftop Solar PV Power System

If your business or organization is considering a solar power system for your commercial, industrial, institutional or municipal building rooftop, then Conestoga Solar is the Ontario-based solar power design and installation company that will ensure a successful FIT project. In 2010,  Conestoga Solar was a crucial partner in the construction of Ontario's first 250 kW rooftop Solar PV Power System along with Conestoga Roofing, Towcon Holdings Inc., and Canadian Solar Solutions.

Concept-to-Completion FIT  Services: Your Complete Solar Solutions Provider

The in-house solar system design, engineering and installation team at Conestoga Solar, handles the entire project from concept-to-completion allowing you to focus on your business, not on the process that is involved with FIT contracts.

By working closely with Canadian Solar Solutions, one of the world's largest solar panel producers and supplier of high-grade solar panels, Conestoga Solar ensures that only the finest and most reliable photovoltaic panels are used in your commercial FIT solar power roofing project.

Ontario Compliant

To qualify for the FIT program, all solar installations must meet Ontario's domestic content quota in which a percentage of all materials and labor must be sourced from within Ontario. Conestoga Solar is proudly Canadian owned and operated and is based in Ontario. We are fully compliant with FIT requirements.